Dropper Bottles: Understanding The Various Sizes

Dropper Bottles: Understanding The Various Sizes

Posted on September 02 2022

Dropper Bottles Understanding The Various Sizes

Dropper bottles are a great option to hold essential oils and serums. You can use dropper bottles to store your store-bought and self-made plant compounds. Understanding how to choose the right dropper as well as understanding the different dropper bottle sizes is essential to maintaining the freshness of your plant compounds.

Common Dropper Bottle Sizes

The sizes of dropper bottles are usually .5 oz (15 ML)., 1 oz. (30 ML), and 2 oz. (60 ML).

Consider Your Label Sizes

As your tincture and plant compounds collection grows, it is essential to have them properly labeled so that you can keep track and use the right bottle. Your label size should correspond to the size of the bottle. Here are some suggested sizes that you may use for .5 oz (15 ML)., 1 oz. (30 ML), and 2 oz. (60 ML) dropper bottles:

  • .5-oz. (15 ML) Bottle Label Sizes
    • 1.25” x 2.50” Rectangle
    • 1.50” x 3.00” Rectangle
    • 1.625” x 3.25” Rectangle
  • 1 oz. (30 ML) Bottle Label Sizes
    • 1.50” x 3.00” Rectangle
    • 1.50” x 3.75” Rectangle
    • 1.75” x 3.50” Rectangle
  • 2 oz. (60 ML) Bottle Label Sizes
    • 2.00” x 3.00” Rectangle
    • 2.00” x 4.00” Rectangle
    • 2.125” x 4.75” Rectangle

Look Out for the Colors of the Bottle

The colors of your dropper bottle are also an important consideration as different colors will offer different properties to your tincture.

An amber-colored bottle is a classic and is preferred as the color is a good blocker of ultraviolet light. Ultraviolet light can break down dry herb and make it less effective and enjoyable.

Protection aside, consider clear bottles if you are creating a product or mixture with colors. A clear bottle will allow you and others to clearly see the insides of the bottle. This is particularly effective marketing if you are looking to sell mixtures with distinctive colors in them. However, do note that the clear bottle allows more ultraviolet light in, meaning that your product may not last as long.

Green dropper bottles are also a particularly popular choice as it gives off a calm and earthy feel. Besides being an effective block for ultraviolet light, it is also in line with the colors of most dry herb products and is easily identifiable. Its special color also means that it is harder to mix your dropper up with your other healthcare and aromatherapy products.

If ultraviolet light blockage and the freshness of your product are of utmost importance, consider using a black dropper bottle. A black bottle blocks out all light and preserves your product more effectively. However, labeling then becomes more important as a black bottle can look more generic and is used by many brands and products.

A special color to go with your dropper bottles is cobalt blue. It is striking and stands out from other colors and products, effectively distinguishing your mixture from others. It also blocks out ultraviolet light well and can be easily purchased from many stores.

Inspired and equipped to take the next step to organize your plant mixtures, or produce different lines of dry herb products? Check out our complimentary guide on making your own tinctures. You may also call us at 1(866)362-4551 if you have any questions about droppers and storage solutions for your mixtures.

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