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Air Purifying Charcoal Bamboo Bags | 2 Sizes



scentless, non-toxic, and natural way to cleanse the air in your car, house, or workplace.

  • The bamboo bag is made from 100% bamboo charcoal.
  • It works by trapping odor-causing bacteria and moisture and neutralizes contaminants in the air.
  • The charcoal bamboo bags are versatile and can be used in your car, gym bags, storage containers, wardrobe, gym bags, and more.
  • Product Description

      BAMBOO CHARCOAL PURIFICATION BAGS | These bags are made with 100% natural bamboo charcoal and naturally maintain a smell-free, fresh environment by absorbing moisture and odour-causing bacteria and neutralizing air contaminants.

      MULTIPURPOSE ODOUR ELIMINATOR | These activated charcoal bags work well for all kinds of odour elimination in the home. Use them as a natural air freshener, purifier, and deodourizer by placing them in your shoes, refrigerator, gym bag, storage containers, closet, car, etc.

      REUSABLE | Each odour neutralizer bag in this pack can easily be reactivated, so you can reuse them over and over. Simply leave used air purifying bags sitting in the sun for 20 minutes to reactivate the charcoal!

      FEATURES | With your order, you'll receive 2 small 75-gram bags and 1 large 200-gram bag which are fragrance-free, chemical-free, and nontoxic. Each bag is also equipped with a metal ring at the top so you can easily place it on a keychain or lanyard, making it portable and allowing you to hang it for odour elimination.

      RISK-FREE GUARANTEE | At ONGROK, our goal is to "ENHANCE YOUR EXPERIENCE", by bringing you the best products possible. If you're ever dissatisfied, just reach out and we'll be certain to make things right!