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Small Botanical Infuser Machine and Kit



If you have a limited and compact kitchen space, this Small Botanical Infuser Machine and Kit is the perfect equipment to create your favorite infused oil in less than an hour. It has a smaller capacity of up to 2 ½ cups and performs as well as our larger-sized infuser.

The settings are easy to use with five pre-set temperature settings and DIY customizations. The Infuser Machine is also self-cleaning and can be maintained easily with the self-cleaning pre-set and dishwasher-safe accessories. More importantly, the equipment is ETL certified, and made with professional, premium quality food-grade 304 stainless steel. 

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      Infused Cookbook Download

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      Need more Information? Check out our Infuser How-to Guide f1e5ds447qhw6n45rav4osdwruplobk57t5ciwx7q

      INFUSE | Use this innovative butter maker machine and herbal infuser to extract your herb into the key ingredient of homemade edibles, topical creams, or alcohol-extracted machine tincture drops.

      EASY TO USE, COMPACT DESIGN | This machine is compact enough for any kitchen, making small-batch infusions easy and mess free. You'll get seamless infusions with an industrial-grade stainless-steel blade and laboratory standard temperature control. ONGROK's herbal extractor has 1–8 hour cycles, depending on if you're using it as an oil maker, tincture maker, or butter maker. Turn your herb into potent oil in as little as 1 hour!

      FULL KIT | This useful, ETL-approved infuser comes complete with important product features, including 2 silicone gummy gloves, 1 nylon filter bag (190 micron), and a recipe book, so you're ready to get started making magical herbal infusions. Simply press a couple of buttons to begin.

      VERSATILE | This butter maker can also be used for a variety of kitchen and home uses. Try making homemade potent essential oils with fresh herbs like lavender and rosemary or creating homemade botanical lotions, balms, tinctures, and more.


      • Heater: 600 Watts
      • Motor: 120 Watts, 16,000 ~ 19,000 RPM
      • 120 Volt - 60 Hz (USA/Canada Model)
      • DIY Function
      • Self-Cleaning
      • Boil Dry Protection
      • Overspill sensor
      • Overheating Protection/ Auto Shut off



      • 3/4 cup - 2.5 cups
      • 85 g - 315 g
      • 150 ml - 600 ml
      • 5 fl oz - 20 fl oz

      A mini batch (1 cup) of infused butter can be made with 2 sticks of store bought butter!


      RISK-FREE GUARANTEE | At ONGROK, our goal is to "ENHANCE YOUR EXPERIENCE", by bringing you the best products possible. If you're ever dissatisfied, just reach out and we'll be certain to make things right!