4 Homemade Infusions That Will Make The Perfect Gift

4 Homemade Infusions That Will Make The Perfect Gift

Posted on August 02 2022

4 Homemade Infusions That Will Make The Perfect Gift

Homemade infusions are thoughtful and meaningful gifts that have a long shelf life and are always ready for a time of need. The act of making these elixirs communicates love and care in a special way that says I am thinking of you. From vodka, liqueurs, infused vinegar, tinctures, and elixirs, there is a large variety of tasty and useful homemade infusions that can come to our friends’ and families’ aid in their time of need. Most infusions take a period of around 2 to 4 weeks to be ready, so preparation is of utmost importance. Here are 5 homemade infusions that will make the perfect gift for your special person.

Make a Flavorful Berry Infused Vinegar

A berry-infused vinegar is delicious and adds a special flavor to your cooking. There are several ways to begin a berry-vinegar infusion. One way is to recycle the leftover berry pulp from making jellies. Alternatively, you may also use fresh berries if you would like to. You may use a variety of berries of in this vinegar, but our recommendation is red currants as it gives off a beautiful red berry color and rich flavors. The berries or their pulp will need about 2 to 6 weeks to be completely infused. If you are using any frozen berries, be sure to thaw them and strain off the excess liquid first before beginning the infusion process.

Create a Charming Berry Infused Vodka or Liqueur

Fancy having a cocktail party? Play bartender and impress your guests with your self-made berry-infused alcoholic concoctions! Sweeten the deal and lighten the atmosphere with fruit-infused vodka. We recommend using black currants to create a crème de cassis, a type of French liqueur. You may also use any type of berries you like. Simply add them to vodka with a little sugar and give it time to infuse.

Adding Herbal Vinegar to the Taste

Herbal vinegar is a great addition to your condiments and spice rack. Pairing different herbs with different kinds of vinegar create a special yet sophisticated taste that is unlike other traditional condiments or seasoning. We recommend trying your hand with apple cider vinegar and sage. Both sage and apple cider vinegar boast cleansing properties that helps boosts your health and vitality. The bonus? Both sage and apple cider vinegar are tasty and nutritious!

Making Elixirs Like a Sage

Elixirs may conjure up thoughts of magic and witchcraft. Stories aside, elixirs are really just honey-sweetened tinctures. Combine your favorite herbs to create a powerful health boost for your loved ones to keep them safe. Elixirs are also perfect for kids as they generally prefer sweets. Simply mix brandy with honey, and let it sit and infuse in a dark space for 2 to 6 weeks. If your loved ones are having a cough or cold, an elixir made of sage and thyme is perfect for combating sickness with its antiviral and antioxidant properties.

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