Preserve Your Gummies: Top Tips on How to Store Edibles

Ultimate Tips on How to Store Edibles for Long-Lasting Freshness

Posted on June 04 2024

So, you've made a delicious batch of homemade gummy edibles or maybe picked some up from your favorite dispensary. (If you need ideas about making your own edibles, we have the recipes and the tools you need.)

Now, how do you store them to maintain that perfect flavor, texture, and potency? Storing edibles properly is key to ensuring they stay fresh and effective for as long as possible.

Today, we'll explain the best practices regarding how to store edibles and answer some frequently asked questions to keep your stash safe and enjoyable.

Everything You Need to Know About How to Store Edibles

Critical Tips for Storing Edibles

The key enemies of your precious edibles are heat, light, and moisture. Let's see how to keep these threats at bay.

  • Beat the Heat. Excessive heat can degrade the cannabinoids in your edibles, reducing their potency. Avoid storing them in hot places like your car or near the stove.
  • Lighten Up. Light exposure can also break down the cannabinoids and even alter the taste of your edibles. Keep your special treats in opaque containers to shield them from light.
  • Moisture Matters. Moisture can make your gummies sticky and encourage mold growth. Aim for a cool, dry storage environment.

Finding the Right Temperature

How to store edibles depends on how long you plan to keep them. Remember to always store your gummies in a cool, dark place, no matter how long you plan to keep them!

Room Temperature (For Short-Term Storage)

If you plan to consume your edibles within a week or two, storing them in an airtight container at room temperature (around 70 °F) is perfectly fine.

Fridge Power (For Mid-Term Storage)

For longer-term storage, the refrigerator is your best bet. The colder temperatures help slow down the degradation process, keeping your edibles potent for several weeks, up to three months. Just remember to use an airtight container to prevent moisture exposure.

Can you freeze edibles?

Yes! Freezing your edibles is a great way to preserve them for up to six months. However, freezing can alter the texture of your gummies.

Choosing the Best Container for Edibles

When it comes to containers, airtightness is a must. So, when you are shopping for your next edible consider, keep the following in mind:

  • Glass Jars. Airtight glass jars are ideal for storing edibles because they are non-porous and block out light. Look for glass jars with silicone or rubber seals for an extra tight closure.
  • Silicone Containers. Silicone is another good choice, as it's non-reactive and airtight. When choosing silicone, always opt for food-grade quality to ensure safety.
  • Childproof Containers. Safety first! Investing in childproof containers is necessary for added security, especially if you have children or pets in your household.

Signs Your Edibles Have Gone Bad

Just like any food product, edibles can eventually spoil. Here are some signs to watch out for:

  • Visual Changes. Look for any discoloration, mold growth, or changes in texture. If your gummies appear slimy or sticky, it's best to discard them.
  • Loss of Aroma. Fresh edibles should have a pleasant aroma. If yours have lost their scent or smell off, it's time to toss them.
  • Reduced Potency. Over time, edibles can lose their potency. If you don't feel the effects after consuming your usual dose, it might be a sign that they've gone bad.

FAQs: Storing Edibles Like a Pro

Q: How long do homemade edibles last?

A: The shelf life of homemade edibles depends on how they are stored. If they are stored properly, they can stay fresh for up to 3 months in the fridge or 6 months in the freezer.

Q: Can edibles lose their potency?

A: Yes, edibles can lose potency over time, especially if not stored properly. Heat, light, and moisture are the main culprits.

Q: Is it safe to refreeze edibles?

A: Refreeze edibles are generally not recommended, as repeated freezing and thawing cycles can affect their quality.

Q: Do I need a hygrometer to store edibles?

A hygrometer measures humidity levels. While not essential, it can help monitor the moisture content in your storage area, especially if you live in a humid climate.

Q: Can I store edibles with other foods?

To maintain the best flavor, always store edibles in separate containers to prevent them from absorbing unwanted odors or flavors from other foods.

Keep Your Edibles Fresh, Keep Them Enjoyable

By following these simple tips on how to store edibles, you can ensure your homemade gummies stay fresh, flavorful, and potent for longer.

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