How To Use A Hygrometer and Keep Track Of Humidity in Small Spaces

How To Use A Hygrometer and Keep Track Of Humidity in Small Spaces

Posted on April 07 2022

It is important to maintain an adequate humidity level in your home because if the air is too dry or too damp, it can cause serious health issues. The best way to measure the humidity level in your home is a hygrometer. Nowadays, digital hygrometers are handy tools that all homeowners should have. With your very own hygrometer, you no longer have to worry about keeping track of the humidity level in your house! Read on to learn how a hygrometer and humidity go hand-in-hand, and why you need a hygrometer in your home now.

What Is a Hygrometer?

Simply put, a hygrometer is a device that measures how humid the air is. The invention of this instrument goes back to as early as the 1400s, and it has changed and improved over time to suit our contemporary needs. While hygrometers are typically used to help forecast weather patterns, many homeowners now use them to measure the level of humidity in their house. Certain hygrometers will indicate relative humidity or absolute humidity, while some hygrometers may simply tell you if the air is too dry or too moist.

The ideal level of humidity to maintain is usually between 25% to 55% relative humidity, and having dry or damp air can cause excessive mold growth and exacerbate allergies and sinuses. If your humidity level is not within the ideal range, you can adjust the temperature of your home and use a humidifier or dehumidifier to achieve a more ideal humidity level.

How Do I Use a Hygrometer?

The most common hygrometers for personal use are digital hygrometers. Humidity levels are measured when electricity goes through a highly moisture-absorbent material. As the material absorbs water vapor in the air, the saturation level of the material changes and this corresponds to humidity levels displayed on the digital screen.

If it has been a long time since you have last used your hygrometer, you will need to test its accuracy first. Wrap the hygrometer in a damp cloth and observe its readings. The hygrometer should show a humidity level of around 95%. After you have tested it for its accuracy, you can then measure the humidity levels in different rooms around your house.

Why Should I Get a Hygrometer?

It is important to know the humidity levels of your house to stay comfortable and healthy. A high humidity level can cause mold growth and exacerbate allergies. On the other hand, low levels of humidity are an indication of dry air, and this can cause problems like itchy skin and sinus issues. Damp air and dry air can also damage your properties such as your walls and musical instruments. Thus, all homeowners should get a hygrometer to keep their homes well-maintained.

ONGROK’s Hygrometers Are Perfect for Homeowners

You will never have to worry about knowing the humidity level in your home again with ONGROK’s mini digital hygrometers! They are designed to have an easy-to-read LCD and color-coded so you can use them separately. In addition, their size gives them an advantage because they can fit in small places. Carry them around to track temperature and humidity levels anywhere! Browse ONGROK’s online shop for more products to control humidity in your home!

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