A Guide To Taking Care Of Your Bamboo Tray

A Guide To Taking Care Of Your Bamboo Tray

Posted on August 23 2022

A Guide To Taking Care Of Your Bamboo Tray

Taking care of your bamboo tray is absolutely essential to preserving the quality of your tray, and ensuring a fuss-free dry herb experience. Bamboo trays prevent wastage of dry herb, which often happens when one tries to roll by hand on cardboard or newspapers. Rolling is made much easier and mess-free for both an experienced and beginner smoker with a rolling tray.

Why Do We Need to Maintain Our Bamboo Trays?

A bamboo tray is a premium type of tray as it has a smooth surface which makes handling your herb and rolling very natural. A broken tray is hard to replace and comprises your dry herb experience. Decay and frayed marks caused by lack of maintenance are often seen on ill-maintained expensive trays with multiple compartments. Dry herb particles and clumps may also get stuck on holes and cracks on the tray, causing dry herb wastage. Replacing a bamboo tray is also expensive given that a bamboo tray commands a premium over other types of trays.

There are several key steps to maintaining the quality of your bamboo tray:

Multi-dimensional Brushes are Your Friends

Always clean your bamboo tray and remove all dirt and particles with a multi-dimensional brush. Find brushes with soft and fine bristles. These bristles will allow you to reach every nook and cranny on the various compartments of your tray. Getting a variety of brush sizes allows you to clean different sizes of trays and compartments, making tray maintenance almost effortless.

Do Not Double Up Your Rolling Tray as An Ashtray

Some smokers use their rolling trays as ashtrays in a pinch. This is not good for the health of your bamboo tray as a lighted cigarette may cause burns marks and holes to form. Ash may get trapped in the holes and may get rolled up with a cigarette in the future. Furthermore, it also makes your rolling tray unsightly and worse for wear.

Do Not Wash Your Bamboo Tray Under Running Water

Bamboo must be kept dry and cannot be washed under running water. The under part of the tray is especially sensitive to moisture and must never be exposed to water. Moisture may cause rot to set in and damage your tray in irreversible manners. Rot will also make the tray less sturdy and unhygienic. If you must wipe the tray clean, use a dry and clean cloth to do so.

Store Your Tray Away

Your bamboo tray should be stored away after use or after being cleaned. Leaving it around exposes it to potential damage, dirt accumulation, and moisture. Instead, you should keep your bamboo tray wrapped and packed in a piece of paper, and stored in a cool and dry spot. Alternatively, you may also store it in a bag to protect it from dust and moisture.

A well-maintained rolling tray will serve you for a very long time. Looking for a sturdy and attractive rolling tray? Check out ONGROK’s selection of premium bamboo, wood, and eco rolling trays, which are aesthetically pleasing and easy to use and maintain on every occasion. Not sure about what tray options would best suit your needs? Contact us at 1(866)362-4551 and our friendly support staff would be happy to assist you in finding the perfect tray!

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