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Four Benefits Of Using A Handheld Herb Grinder

Posted on September 01 2022

Four Benefits Of Using A Handheld Herb Grinder

There are many different ways you can grind your herbs today, and doing it the old-fashioned way may not appeal to you. Here is where you may want to look into the benefits of using a handheld herb grinder with a crank.

Some other types of grinders you may find on the market include electric grinders and metal grinders. Of course, the one you ultimately go for will depend on your needs and preferences. However, allow us to make the case for a handheld herb grinder in this article!

What Are Handheld Herb Grinders with Crank?

A handheld herb grinder works much like a coffee grinder. If you have ever used one before, you will know how easy they are to use compared to a traditional grinder. Take a look at some of the benefits you can reap:

  • Ease of Use

Operating a handheld herb grinder that comes with a crank is easy. All you need to do is turn the crank and your herbs will start grinding. You do not have to worry about not having enough arm strength to pummel your herbs to your desired size! This makes it a perfect choice of choosing herb grinder if you have arthritis or any other condition that makes hand and finger movement painful.

  • Sharp Blades for Better Grinding

Having sharp blades is an essential quality of any herb grinder you use. This ensures that even the hardest dried herbs can be ground. Besides ensuring that you do not have to put in too much effort, this also improves the quality of the ground herbs you will obtain.

  • Ability to Monitor Your Progress without Removing the Lid

We have all faced this problem in the midst of grinding herbs: you may have to lift the lid numerous times to check if your herbs have been ground to your desired size. However, when you opt for a handheld grinder with a clear lid, you can easily monitor your progress without needing to remove the lid. This makes it much more user-friendly and you can bypass the process of needing to check on your progress multiple times.

  • Comes with a Keif Catcher

Not every grinder out there comes with a kief catcher, but you can be sure that handheld herb grinders do. The purpose of this compartment is to catch the fine particles that result from grinding your herbs. This ensures that nothing goes to waste. After you are done with grinding, you can collect these particles and pack them with your ground herbs.

Storing Your Ground Herbs

After you have successfully ground each batch of herbs, you will need to store them in the right conditions. Airtight metal jars are your best bet in this regard. When exposed to air and sunlight, your ground herbs deteriorate faster, which you want to avoid. That’s just one reason you should opt for opaque containers instead of transparent ones. In addition, you should always store your jars in a cool and dark place. 

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