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Non GMO Benefits

Posted on January 06 2023

When purchasing edibles, including herbs and powders, you may be looking out for non GMO products. GMO stands for genetically modified organisms, and this process takes place in a laboratory. However, there are some health and environmental concerns attached to this practice. 

What Risks are Associated with GMO Foods? 

During the process of genetic modification or engineering, scientists retrieve part of the DNA from another organism, such as a bacterium or a plant. After which, this is combined with the DNA of the plant they wish to alter, in the hopes that it will express the desired genes. While this may sound good in practice, in reality the process isn’t always that straightforward. Instead of only altering the specific gene, genetic modification can affect other genes and even create novel proteins in food. This can result in allergens and toxins being produced.

To put things in a simpler way, genetic modification is a technology that is not fully understood as of this time. Genes operate in a complex way that does not always produce the desired results, and the health consequences of GMO foods gone wrong can include stomach inflammation as well as liver and kidney damage. From an environmental perspective, increased use of pesticides and toxic herbicides can occur, as well as harmful aquatic insects. 

Avoiding GMO Foods 

Whether you wish to avoid GMO foods or simply wish to be cautious of what you put into your body, here are some top tips you can follow when shopping:

  • Look out for products that are non-GMO Project verified. These products have undergone an intense process of verification to make sure they are as free of contamination as possible.
  • Avoid purchasing processed foods. Did you know that half of the sugar used in food products on the market comes from genetically modified sugar beets?
  • Purchase organic food whenever possible. Genetically modified substances are a huge no-no in organic food production.
  • One affordable and foolproof way of ensuring that your food is non GMO, is to grow your own. Although you may not be able to do so for every herb and vegetable you require, you can turn gardening into a fun hobby and cultivate the plants that you consume most often. 

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