Understanding The Benefits Of Herb-Infused Oil For Your Health

Understanding The Benefits Of Herb-Infused Oil For Your Health

Posted on September 01 2022

Understanding The Benefits Of Herb-Infused Oil For Your Health

You may have heard about herb-infused oils before. However, do you know what they are and the benefits that they can bring you? Herb-infused oils are not to be confused with essential oils, although they are similar.

In order to get a herb-infused oil, all you need to do is mix your choice of herbs with a carrier oil. That way you can reap the benefits of both the carrier oil and the herbs that you have chosen. This can be easily achieved from home with the help of a botanical infuser machine. Read on to find out more about the benefits of herb-infused oil!

What Are Carrier Oils?

The carrier oil is required to dilute the strong herbs that you will consume or apply directly to your skin. Because many of these herbs would be too potent to apply or consume directly, mixing it with a base vegetable oil is the best option. Some examples of carrier oils include sunflower oil, argan oil, coconut oil, olive oil, sweet almond oil, grapeseed oil, and many more.

Your choice of herbs can also vary widely. Some of the most popular herbs use include lavender, chamomile, rosehip, and more. It is best to use dry plant material for your herbs as most of the water content would have been removed. This ensures that your oil will not turn rancid as easily or quickly.

Benefits You Can Reap from Herb-Infused Oils

Looking for some great reasons to start making your own herb-infused oil? Below are some benefits you can enjoy:

  • Natural Skincare

If you would like to use all-natural products that do not have harsh chemicals or fragrances added in, you can make lotions, salves and body butters with herb-infused oils. These can be used as moisturizers for dry skin issues and many other purposes.

  • Massage and Relaxation

When you are stressed, your body reacts in the same way. You may find that your muscles tense up and you feel stiff all over. One good way of relaxing is through a massage. With a suitable herb-infused oil, you can massage your entire body or specific parts such as your back or feet. Whether you choose to do it yourself or have a partner massage you, it can pave the way for an invigorating experience.

  • Enjoy with Your Favorite Foods

Did you know the herb-infused oils can be cooked, baked, or mixed into your favorite foods and drinks? This includes soups, cookies, gummies and even iced teas. It can even be used as a marinade or rub for meat!

Learn How to Store Your Herb-Infused Oils

After making a batch of your favorite herb-infused oil, you may find that you have much more than you can use at one go. Or you may be worried about applying or adding too much and are looking for dropper jars to help you control the dosage. When you browse our online shop at ONGROK, you can find a range of storage solutions to suit all your needs, from silicon bags to metal jars!

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