Essential Tips For Cleaning A Grinder

Essential Tips For Cleaning A Grinder

Posted on September 09 2022

Essential Tips For Cleaning A Grinder

Grinders are essential tools for an easy, quick and convenient dry herb experience without the mess. There are many benefits to using a grinder, but prolonged use of grinders inevitably gets them clogged up with sticky resin, kief, and plant matter. This makes your grinder hard to rotate and cut through your dry herb. Sometimes it may even jam up! Cleaning a grinder ensures that your experience remains fuss-free and that your handy tool is available anytime. Here is a step-by-step guide on how you should clean your grinder.

Take Apart Your Grinder

Place a clean cloth or kitchen towel on a table. Undo all the parts of your grinder over the cloth or kitchen towel. Separate the chambers of the grinder. Try not to spill the plant matter residue in the chambers. If you do, don’t worry. The cloth or kitchen towel is there to catch them.

Save the Leftover Plant Residue

Pour out the plant residue in the chambers into a small bowl. They can be recycled for a later dry heb experience. There will still be some residue left in the chambers that can be hard to get out. Don’t worry, we will get to those in the next few steps.

Place the Grinder in the Freezer

It may seem strange to put your grinder in the freezer. However, frozen plant residue is stiffer and tends to clump instead of clinging to the grinder. This makes it easier to scrap the plant residue from the grinder! Be sure to let your grinder sit upright in the freezer for a minimum of half an hour.

Collect Remaining Plant Residue

Your grinder is now ready to come out of the freezer. You can now use a toothpick or a soft brush to rub away the remaining plant material over your small bowl. Remember to continue collecting your plant material as they are still very potent with herbs. Here’s a tip for better cleaning: Be sure to clean around the chamber’s lid, the grinding teeth and its sides, and the chamber’s edges.

Submerge Your Grinder in Alcohol

Once you have gathered all the plant material you can, place all the parts of your grinder into a large container or Ziploc bag. Fill the container or bag up with enough isopropyl alcohol to fully cover your grinder. Let your grinder sit in the alcohol for a minimum of 20 minutes. You may want to gently swirl around the container or bag every now and then to break apart any remaining plant matter.

Clean Up the Tough Residue

Take your grinder and its parts out of the container or bag of alcohol. There may be still some remaining plant residue that is still on your grinder. Get a stiff brush (a toothbrush will also do!) and start scrubbing off any visible plant residue on your grinder.

Rinse Your Grinder and Dry it

Wash your grinder in clean and hot water to get rid of all the plant residue and alcohol. Go over the grinder, its chambers, and grinding teeth with a dry towel. If you are concerned about remaining moisture, you may leave the parts out to air dry after toweling them.

Your grinder should now be spotless and good as new. If you are looking out for a high-quality grinder that is easy to clean, check out ONGROK grinders today! ONGROK grinders are made of aircraft-grade, premium-quality aluminum that can be disassembled easily for cleaning and storage. With ONGROK, cleaning your grinder is a breeze!

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