What are tinctures & how to make Non-Alcoholic Tincture

How To Make Tinctures Without Alcohol

Posted on February 15 2023

How To Make Tinctures Without Alcohol

If you are a fan of herbal medicines – such as cannabis – you have a number of methods by which to enjoy your chosen herbal’s effects. Though a number of herbal medicines do exist, we are going to concentrate mainly on cannabis, here.

Cannabis innovations span an impressive landscape and include nanotechnology beverages, transdermal topicals, rosin vape pens, and more. One method through which numerous individuals experience the effects of cannabis is via tinctures.

Are you looking for ways to make herbal/cannabis tinctures that are alcohol free? It's actually very easy.

Tinctures – What Are They?

For those unfamiliar, in the most basic sense, a tincture is a cannabis extract. It is not meant for smoking nor for vaporization but for sublingual consumption as a liquid infused with cannabis.

In a base liquid, the cannabis plant soaks – think glycerin, food grade alcohol, or oil. The plant matter is strained out after seeping for days to weeks. Then, the terpenes, cannabinoids, and other compounds are ready to dose and consume, having melded with the base liquid.

The term “tincture”, technically speaking, refers specifically to a product that is alcohol-based. One made with glycerin or oil is actually an infusion. The umbrella term, more often than not however, is tincture.

While they are not as innovative or fun as a dab or a gummy, tinctures have numerous health benefits, and can offer an intoxicating, comfortable experience.

Ready to Make Your Alcohol-Free Tincture?

Why would someone have an aversion to an alcohol-based tincture? The problem could be that a number of people are excluded from consuming herbal medicines safely in the case of an alcohol-based tincture. For religious reasons, some people avoid alcohol. Recovering addicts may not want to use alcohol tinctures. Then, of course, there are those who simply abhor the taste.

Enter the need for alcohol-free tinctures.

Here's what to do:

  • Decide what jar you're going to use to make your tinctures.
  • Up to about halfway up the jar, place your herbs (cannabis).
  • To the top of the jar, fill with glycerin.
  • You're going to put this in a slow cooker after you cover it. The slow cooker should be filled with water and lined with a towel.
  • For about three days, run this on "low".
  • After that time, you can remove the jar carefully – so as not to get burned – and strain the contents.

(There is an instructional video available online if you need something visual.)

Great News!

Here's some awesome news: Compared to alcohol-based tinctures, glycerin-based, nonalcoholic herbal extracts are much faster to make. While 6 to 8 weeks may be required for an alcohol-based tincture, those described here are ready in just a few days.

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