4 ONGROK Oil Infusion Machines For Herbs At Home

4 ONGROK Oil Infusion Machines For Herbs At Home

Posted on January 24 2023

4 ONGROK Oil Infusion Machines For Herbs At Home

ONGROK is a pioneer in the design and manufacture of botanical Infuser machines and kits that are instrumental in making homemade extractions conveniently. Our innovative infusers and butter maker machines feature top-notch technological features, allowing you to make extractions without breaking a sweat. On top of that, our oil infusion machines incorporate all the vital attributes you require to begin working on your oil-based products by simply pressing a few buttons. Let’s review some of the prominent oil infusions machines from the company.

Large Botanical Infuser Machine and Kit

This machine is ideal for extracting oils, tinctures, butters, and distillates. It’s made with easy-to-use functionalities that allow you to adjust temperature settings effortlessly. Additionally, it comes in a compact design that occupies a small area in your kitchen. Likewise, the machine features a fully equipped kit, characterized by two silicone gloves as well as a recipe book and nylon filter bags which are vital in herbal infusions.

This model provides unmatched versatility, providing multiple uses in the kitchen and at home. It’s a must-have, whether you want to make rich essential oils from herbs, like lavender, or you need to extract botanical lotions and balms.

Large Botanical Infuser and Edibles Bundle

It’s an exceptional infuser that provides the functionality you need to create homemade edibles. First, it comes in a minimalistic design to fit any kitchen space, with a production capacity large enough to suit your needs. Along with that, it incorporates smooth and flexible silicone molds, making it easy to remove your infusions.

The machine also includes a sunflower lecithin, which is an incredible emulsifier crucial in preventing the separation of ingredients. You’ll love its versatility and durable construction.

Small Botanical Infuser Machine and Kit

Despite its small production capacity, this model is designed to deliver the functionality and performance of large infusers. Besides being fast and efficient, the machine comes with a compact design and an easy-to-use interface. It’s also equipped with temperature control features, along with a sturdy steel blade, for unmatched infusion efficiency. The machine comes with a fully equipped kit, featuring a recipe book, nylon filter bag, and a pair of gummy gloves. Its versatility is out of this world, as the butter maker can be utilized for a wide spectrum of other kitchen uses.

Large Botanical Infuser and 3000ml Decarb Bags Bundle

This machine is crafted for high-capacity production. The botanical infuser comes in a minimalistic design to save on space. It’s also fitted with a durable steel blade for fast and seamless infusions. Along with that, the model includes decarb bags, which provide a cost-effective option for sophisticated herb decarboxylation machines.

The decarb bags feature graduated calibration markings, for effortless cooking. They can withstand extreme temperatures, making it possible to put them in microwaves and refrigerators. Versatility is another facet that stands out about the machine. It comes with vital inclusions, characterized by a recipe book, decarb bags, nylon filer bags, and gummy gloves.

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Extracting oil and other elements from your favorite herbs should be easy, with quality oil infusion machines from ONGROK. They’re meticulously constructed to deliver outstanding performance and functionality for your homemade extractions.

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