Tips For Choosing The Right Herb Grinder

Tips For Choosing The Right Herb Grinder

Posted on May 24 2022

Choosing the right grinder for herbs is extremely important. This tool will break them up until they become fine particulates which are easier to process. They save a tremendous amount of time and can even enhance the quality of the ingredients.


The cheapest grinders tend to be made from materials such as wood or acrylic. As you might have guessed, they are not very durable and often have to be replaced more frequently than grinders made from metal. The best models are made from materials such as ABS plastic or premium-grade aluminum.


Grinders come in sizes that range from mini to medium and extra-large. Your lifestyle should determine which is best for you. Those who are on the road a lot will probably want a small or moderately sized grinder that is simple to store, while those that spend more time at home will want to choose one that is extra-large. The size of a grinder is determined largely by its width and diameter instead of its chamber depth.

Build Quality and Brand

While well-known brands tend to cost more, they are almost always worth it. The build quality tends to be superb and their products are designed to last. When shopping for a grinder you’ll want to look for models that have strong threads since this will minimize wear when the case is opened and closed. You’ll also want to purchase models which have a robust finish or coating within the metal itself which prevents peeling that could end up getting mixed into your herbs. Also, pay close attention to the grinder’s pollen screen and teeth.

Multi Piece Grinders

Grinders can be purchased in the form of one or multi part models. 2-piece grinders, which are also referred to as multi piece grinders have a rudimentary design and are not as functional. There are also three-piece models on the market which have grinding teeth, a top and an extra chamber that the herbs will fall into after going through its teeth. This makes collecting processed herbs easier. There are even 4-piece grinders which have all the features found in three-piece grinders with the addition of a sieve-style pollen catcher. This allows every bit of dust to be collected which minimizes herb waste.


Grinders range from cheap to expensive. While you definitely shouldn’t go for the cheapest one you find, it might also not make sense to buy an expensive one unless you are a professional herbalist that needs to process a large number of ingredients. For most people, buying a moderately priced grinder is the best option.

The newest models have all sorts of cool features such as a top that is textured, which makes them easier to grip, and an anodized finish will prevent metallic flaking. Some of the most advanced models even include coaxial style turbines with razor sharp teeth that produce the finest herb mixture that money can buy. When combined with a material such as titanium, you will have a durable and stylish product.

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