Top 4 Mistakes When Making Homemade Gummies

Top 4 Mistakes When Making Homemade Gummies

Posted on May 24 2022

Creating homemade gummies can be fun and rewarding. It seems rather easy at first, as all you have to do is mix the fruit, sugar and gelatin. However, you’ll want to avoid the following mistakes when making gummies.

Adding Hydrated Gelatin into a Hot Base

When your gelatin starts blooming, you’ll likely be in the process of prepping liquid for setting. One of the most common mistakes made by amateurs is to place bloomed gelatin into a hot base, which will weaken its ability to set. Always take the time to cool your base liquids down prior to adding your gelatin. Furthermore, do not boil liquid that has gelatin added. The end result will be a gel that is stronger.

Utilizing Ingredients Which Interfere with the Gelling

While utilizing certain fruits such as kiwi, papaya, guava, figs or pineapple might sound like a great idea, it can actually inhibit the gelatin’s ability to completely set, if at all. This is because these fruits have an enzyme called protease which will erode the gelling of your gelatin. If you still want to use such fruits, try using the dried, cooked or canned versions as these make gelatin setting easier. Another ingredient that can cause trouble is alcohol because it too can interfere with gelatin settings, especially for higher portions. If you want to use alcohol in your gummies, take the time to cook it first which lowers alcoholic content while making them simpler to gel.

Not Hydrating Your Gelatin

Powered gelatin has a fine constitution which many assume will readily dissolve when exposed to warm liquid. Blooming, which is another word for hydrating, is done to ensure your gelatin will totally dissolve inside its warm base while producing a gel that is clear and even. Gelatin can be bloomed in virtually any liquid so long as it’s cool. However, while it’s possible to use water, it is better to use juice, tea or wine.

Not Utilizing Your Gelatin Mixture Promptly

Gelatin will set rapidly while cooling, making it essential to maintain its warmth and work fast when filling up molds. It is recommended to have either the molds or a prepped tray ready prior to blooming the gelatin. Try our easy-to-use gummy making kit! That way, you’ll be able to fill up the molds faster while avoiding blooms which are lump-shaped. Consider using a small syringe or bulb master as they are excellent for filling smaller molds.

What Exactly is Gelatin?

When eating gummies in the past you might have examined them and wondered what they are. Gelatin is basically collagen that has been processed. Yes, it is the same protein present within connective tissue. Since collagen is associated with skin, it might seem odd (and a little gross) that it is used in gummies, but remember this is after it has been processed.

Experts recommend powered gelatin since it is the easiest version to find in stores and is simple to measure. To set gelatin, it must be bloomed or rehydrated in water that is cool. Afterward, the hydrated gelatin is heated and then cooled a second time so it sets. The resulting firmness will be determined by the gelatin to liquid ratio.

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