4 Reasons To Have A Hygrometer

4 Reasons To Have A Hygrometer

Posted on August 09 2022

4 Reasons To Have A Hygrometer

With the proliferation of dehumidifiers, air-conditioning, and heaters, the humidity of our household is constantly changing. Yet, many people perceive humidity as an uncontrollable factor. Humidity affects our health, the quality of our plant mixtures, and the freshness of our foods. It is important to keep on top of the humidity in our household so that we can deploy the devices we have to humidify or dehumidify our environment. A perfect way to keep track of the humidity levels at homes is to use a hygrometer. A digital hygrometer in the household typically provides fairly accurate readings. Curious to know more? Here are 4 reasons to have a hygrometer in your home.

A Hygrometer Keeps Your Health in Check

The optimal humidity level for human beings is between 30 and 50 percent. It is important to keep the humidity levels optimal as it has short-term and long-term impacts on our comfort, health, quality of our skin, and even our ability to work. For people who suffer from sinuses and breathing problems, adjusting the home’s heating, humidity, and ventilation to a level that is recommended by your doctor can relieve congestion and promote clear passageways.

The Right Humidity Keeps Us More Active

Imagine yourself running in a confined space without any ventilation or air conditioning. Chances are, the humidity is going to put a stop to your workout before fatigue does. High humidity is generally uncomfortable as the season gets hotter. We naturally try to not move about as much and some even get sleepy during a hot and humid day. A hygrometer can help keep your house’s humidity in check and ensure that you remain active throughout the day. An active lifestyle improves your long-term health and keeps diseases and critical illnesses at bay.

Our Foods and Products Remain Fresher for Longer

Certain foods like cheeses, wines and fruits react differently to humidity. While some foods may require humidity to ripen or promote the desired change in flavor, some foods require constant monitoring of humidity to prevent spoilage. Generally, expensive foods and drinks like cheeses and wines require a storage solution with a hygrometer attached to detect any change in humidity.

Dry herb products, likewise, also interact with humidity. Changes in humidity may cause deterioration of plant mixtures and hamper your herb experience. A hygrometer can help ensure the right humidity for your dry herb storage solution and keep your products safe and fresh for consumption.

Humidity Matters for Plants and Produce Growth

For green thumbs and farmers, humidity absolutely matters in crop produce and yield. Certain fruits, vegetables, and plants only grow well at certain humidity levels. A hygrometer can help measure the humidity and together with other specialized equipment, control the optimal humidity for a bumper harvest. Novice gardeners may also want to place hygrometers near plants that need more special care so that they can switch the position of the plant if the humidity is not ideal.

Ready to take the next step in humidity management in your household? ONGROK offers high-quality and easy-to-use hygrometers with 6 different colors to help in organizing for separate usage. With a digital display that measures both humidity and temperature, ONGROK’s hygrometers are bound to meet your needs to keep your plant materials and foods fresh in your household!

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