6 Advantages Of Using Silicone Storage Bags

6 Advantages Of Using Silicone Storage Bags

Posted on January 14 2022

Everywhere you look, there is a burgeoning green movement. There is a call to action to be environmentally-friendly and make some lifestyle adjustments to contribute to the global fight against climate change.

While plastic is one of the environment's many adversaries, it is unfortunately a necessary evil and is difficult to abstain from. For instance, freezer bags are important because it is crucial in storing and keeping food fresh. Therefore, they have become part and parcel of our daily food preparation routines. However, it can be challenging to think of alternatives to replace that ever-so-important freezer bag without sacrificing the quality of your food. Fortunately, we've got the solution for you: using reusable silicone bags.

Reusable silicone storage bags are of the many approaches you take to reduce the impact to environment caused by plastic. They are generally more sustainable as they are reusable and can be used for a range of different food products. In this article, we've covered some reasons why you should begin using silicone storage bag.


Food-Grade Silicone

Another material that may be utilized to make reusable freezer bags is food-safe silicone. Whether you are deaing with food in hot or cold temperatures, this material is a versatile choice. Silicone is a better alternative to plastic since it does not emit toxins such as BPA, latex, lead, and pthlates into the food during heating.

The material has the ability to tolerate high temperature without deteriorating. Additionally, it has the ability to lock in ordors and comes with a slider lock for that added security. For those reasons, silicone is frequently used in various baking applications.

As compared to the conventional plastic containers, the material is highly is durable, and will not crack, harden, crumble, peel, or chip over time with the proper care. This means that you can effortlessly prepare food for long-term storage without worrying about it wearing out.


Save Money and the Environment

Reusable silicone bags are sustainable and environmentally-friendly way of reducing your carbon footprint and saving you money in the long-term. While the initial cost may be relatively expensive, reusable bags can incur you a substantial amount of expenses over the long-term. Moreover, most reusable bags have a five-year to ten-year lifetime guarantee, meaning you only have to spend that initial price while saving you that hassle and cost of replenishing your plastic freezer bags.


Easy to Reuse

It is easier to crack and damage anything when it is frozen, especially when you are using plastic freezer bags. One common concern of freezer bags that they can shatter easily and can develop holes or fractures. However, these silicone storage are made of cold-resistant materials like PEVA, meaning that they will not harden in freezing temperatures. As raws are usually cured under heat and pressure to make them durable, intert and adaptable, this makes them resistant and tolerant of hot and cold temperature while keeping your food safe.  .


Reduce Garbage and Recycling Costs

One-use plastic bags are non-biodegrable and can take up to 1,000 years to degrade and decompose. When they end up in landfills, they have far-reaching and expansive consequences as they emit highly toxic chemicals, carbon dioxide, and methane gases that are harmful to the environments.

Plastic bags that are buried deep in landfills can also release toxins that seep into the groundwater. Moreover, they can also affect the marine ecosystems as many marine animals may ingest, suffocate, and get tangled and drown in plastic bag. In contrast, silicone bags can be used for a number of years and can save significant recycling costs .


Preserve Earth’s Resources

Natural gas and oil are nonrenewable resources that are rapidly depleting. One-time use plastic bags are usually manufactured using crude oil. While they can be recycled, the amount of waste in landfills produced by plastic has reached skyrocketing levels, with an estimate of two billion pounds a year. Instead, reusing silicone storage bags can help you to save money in the long-term and provide you with the means to safeguard the environment.


Less Plastic Bags Means Decreased Oil Prices

With less of a demand, there will be a less of a supply required for manufacturing companies to produce plastic products. As millons of barrels of oil are used in the production of plastic bags, these cost oil prices to skyrocket and stay at an all-time high. With fewer people using plastic bags and more silicone storage, we predict that these oil prices may fall, making gas prices cheaper as well.


Why You Should Choose ONGROK's Silicone Storage Bags

Our ONGROK bags are made with platinum-grade silicone that complies with EU and FDA food-contact and safety standards. The silicone is created using silica and oxygen molecules that are alternated and blended with carbon to construct raw silicone product. It is cured under heat and pressure to reinforce their durability, intertness and adaptability to various temperature conditions. Many other alternatives to plastic bag like glass containers are usually cumbersome and not optimized for efficient storage. In contrast, ONGROK bags are lightweight and durable, they are oven, freezer & dishwasher safe and  can be easily transported or stored with a slider lock for that added security.

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