A Guide To Making Herb-Infused Oil

A Guide To Making Herb-Infused Oil

Posted on May 24 2022

Learning the art of making herb-infused oil will help you enjoy the benefits of the various ingredients which can be used for tasks which range from cooking to skincare. There are a host of herbs that you can experiment with and there are many different ways to use the oil.

How to Make Multipurpose Oils

The best ingredients for multipurpose oils include herbs such as cayenne pepper, oregano, garlic, ginger and your dry herb. Experts recommend using dry herbs to inhibit bacterial and mold growth which reduces the likelihood of getting botulism poisoning. The most optimal carrier oils include olive, grape seed, coconut and avocado oil. One of the most popular techniques is double boiler infusion, which goes as follows:



  • Put the oil and herbs into your botanical infuser.
  • Next, set the temperature between 120 and 140 degrees Fahrenheit and press the 1 hour time button to start the infusion process.
  • Once your infusion process is complete, use the dishwasher-safe mesh bags to strain and decant your mixture. You’ll want to squeeze the bag firmly, removing as much oil from the herbs as you can.

Finally, place the oil inside a child-resistant storage jar which is dark-colored, dry and sterilized. Place a few droplets of E vitamin oil into each. This will slow down oil oxidization. You’ll then want to label everything and store it in a home location that is dark and cool.

Additional Things to Keep in Mind

For the best results, you’ll always want to stick to using the highest quality herbs. You may use a single herb for the oil or you may blend multiple herbs to produce a specific formula. Your options are endless. The reason you always want to use jars with tight lids that have been sterilized is to ensure no mold or bacterial growth occurs, and it also prevents the ingredients from becoming rancid. Colored glass is preferable since it minimizes light exposure which can cause rapid degradation.

Discover the ease of making your own infused oils with our botanical infuser. The botanical infuser lets you infuse butter and oils with the herbs of your choice. It has a blade made of industrial stainless steel, temperature control of laboratory standard, and an easy-to-use design. Give it just one hour and your herbs will be transformed into high-quality oil!

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