Benefits of Metal Storage Tubes over Plastic

Benefits of Metal Storage Tubes over Plastic

Posted on April 07 2022

Metal storage tubes and plastic storage tubes both make useful storage containers as they are long-lasting and durable. However, is there a difference between using metal storage tubes versus plastic storage tubes? Metal storage tubes have certain benefits over plastic tubes that may make them more suitable for you. Read on to find out what these benefits are, and which metal storage tubes are the best on the market.

Metal Tubes Are More Durable Than Plastic Tubes

While both metal storage tubes and plastic storage tubes are more durable than other materials, metal still lasts longer than plastic. Plastics will break down with use and may become sticky, but metal tubes are made to be long-lasting and to be reused.

Metal Storage Tubes Are More Sustainable

Metal storage tubes are much better for the environment because most types of metals are recyclable whereas not all plastics can be recycled. Aluminum and steel, for example, are some of the most recycled materials in the world. The production process of metal storage tubes is also more environmentally friendly as compared to plastic tubes. Metal production results in less pollution and toxic byproducts as compared to plastic production.

It Is Easier to Sterilize Metal Storage Tubes

If you are very particular about hygiene, you will definitely prefer metal storage tubes over plastic ones. It is easy to sterilize and sanitize metal storage tubes as you can heat them to temperatures that will eliminate bacteria. However, some plastic tubes may not be able to withstand the same temperatures that metal tubes can. In addition, metal is non-porous, so you can rest assured that there are no minuscule crevices on the surfaces of your metal tubes for dirt to hide in.  

Metal Storage Tubes Protect Its Contents Better

Certain items such as herbs have to be stored in a dark and cool place away from sunlight, and metal storage tubes are opaque and help keep UV light away. Metal storage tubes are also airtight, waterproof, and keep moisture from entering so that your herbs will stay fresh. Furthermore, metal storage tubes are also odor-resistant and can contain smells within the tube.

ONGROK’s Premium Metal Storage Tubes Are the Most Reliable

ONGROK has a wide range of practical products for storage purposes, and our Premium Storage Tubes are one of the best products on the market. ONGROK’s indestructible, waterproof tubes are made of aircraft-grade, anodized aluminum that will keep your essentials safe from the elements. Our tube is also designed to have an airtight, double rubber o'ring seal to stop any odors from leaking out. You can access your stored contents quickly and conveniently as our tubes have a pop-off cap. Enjoy the ease of cleaning as well, as our Premium Storage Tubes have a removable bottom. Featuring a stylish, discreet design and three different colors you can choose from, ONGROK’s Premium Metal Storage Tubes are great value for money and the perfect way to store your herbs and other essentials. Browse our online shop for more amazing lifestyle products that we are confident you will love!

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