Things To Consider Before You Buy Silicone Storage Bags

Things To Consider Before You Buy Silicone Storage Bags

Posted on December 29 2021

As reusable freezer bags last longer, they are more environmentally friendly than one-time-use plastics for food storage. However, as with all items, their quality may vary from product to product. Here are some pointers to help you make a more informed decision when you are buying silicone storage bags.


Silicone or PEVA?

A common choice for food storage bags is food-grade silicone because of its remarkable strength and durability. In comparison, a resealable, single-use plastic bag will not last more than than a silicone freezer bag. Silicone bags, such as ONGROK's oven-safe storage bags, can be used in the microwave and oven to cook food. Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) is a mass-produced, high strength thermoplastic material and is one of the world's widely used synthetic polymers. However, it is often used in short-term applications such as food packaging but include toxic chemicals. While polyethylene vinyl acetate (PEVA) is widely used as a safer alternative to PVC, it is still relatively harmful and environmentally unsustainable.


Some Are Trickier to Fill Up

Filling up the PEVA bags with only one hand is challenging. They lack the robust bottoms that can keep the other bags upright and they're tough to fill even with one hand supporting the bag. It would make your life much easier if you can get a second pair of hands to assist you in filling your package. However, purchasing these silicone and oven storage bags will solve of these common problems, as it has an expandable base that can support and hold them upright.


Different Packs Have Different Quality

There is no assurance that all of the bags in a pack will be of similar quality. We've recently examined a variety of mixed packets and discovered a few leakers. To test this out, we filled each side of the bag in a pack to its claimed capacity or close to it and inverted them to evaluate leaking. We then repeated the holding upside down and closed and opened each bag 100 times. Overall, our silicone reusable bags are superior in quality and have the durability to withstand the variety of different temperatures, environments, and conditions.


Re-sealable Is Not the Same as Re-usable

If you are looking for reusable bags, chances are your search results will be swamped and conflated with re-sealable bags that are economically affordable. Supermarkets frequently offer packs of re-sealable bags under their brand name, but they are not to be mistaken with re-usable bags. When cleaning instructions are not included with re-sealable bags and they are supplied in large numbers at a bargain, they are usually not reusable. Carefully read the cleaning directions, pack sizing, and pricing if you're not sure what you're getting.


The Bags Can Tolerate Stronger Temperatures Than We Expected

When one of the reusable freezer bags in our lineup promised to resist temperatures of up to 450°F (230°C), we were skeptical. Testing this out using a 0.7 Kilowatts microwave, for five minutes, our results conclude that there was no melting. At the end of the experiment, the integrity of the bag did not change, aside from a minimal rubbery odor that persisted for a short time. However, the PEVA bags we tested stated on the label and item description that they are not suitable for usage in hot weather (not in ovens, dishwashers, or microwaves). Therefore, prior to purchasing any type of reusable storage bags, you should always read the directions before using them at high temperatures.


Why You Should Choose ONGROK's Silicone Storage Bags

Our ONGROK bags are made with platinum-grade silicone that complies with EU and FDA food-contact and safety standards. The silicone is created using silica and oxygen molecules that are alternated and blended with carbon to construct raw silicone product. It is cured under heat and pressure to reinforce their durability, intertness and adaptability to various temperature conditions. Many other alternatives to plastic like glass containers are usually cumbersome and not optimized for efficient storage. In contrast, ONGROK bags are lightweight, and can be easily transported with a slider lock for that added security.

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