How Do Smell Proof Bags Work? Learn from ONGROK

How Do Smell Proof Bags Work?

Posted on November 25 2021

To figure out if smell proof bags function, you must first figure out how smell proof bags operate. There are a variety of ways to seal an odor within a smell proof bag or pouch. To lock in pungent smells, it is a popular fallacy that you need an airtight container, mason jar, or herb jar. In the year 2021, however, nothing could be farther from the truth.

There is no more effective way to lock in all smelly odors than to use activated carbon technology, which does not rely on air sealing. Activated charcoal is able to absorb all odors.

Allow us at ONGROK to tell you all about smell proof bags and why they are such a great product.

What Is a Smell Proof Bag?

A smell proof bag is a container that is meant to reduce or eliminate odors within it. It is one of the most efficient ways to keep the fragrance of various items, including fresh herbs, perfume, cologne, papers, glass, and more locked in. In addition, you can even use smell proof bags to store your gym clothes in case they start to smell after an intense gym session. This way, you won’t feel embarrassed by smelly clothing if you need to return to the workplace or run errands before heading home.

At ONGROK, we offer a wide range of smell proof bags to meet our customers' storage needs, both a home and on the go. You can find smell proof travel pouches, fanny packs, wallets with combo locks (available in small, medium, and large), carbon-lined duffle bags, wrist bags, backpacks, cross shoulder bags, and more.

Why Would I Need a Smell Proof Bag?

Smell is such an intriguing sense! Our brains adapt to non-threatening odors, which is why we become accustomed to the aromas in our house, room, or automobile.

The difficulty is that when someone enters a place with a scent that you are already familiar with, the bad odor might hit them strongly. This indicates that the aroma will certainly irritate people or entities such as your friends, clients, spouses, wives, children, or dogs. Stop upsetting others by investing in a smell proof bag now!

Would It Not Be Better and More Convenient for Me to Use a Plastic Sandwich Bag?

Normal sandwich bags are not meant to keep odors at bay. Plastic sandwich bags are good for their intended application of storing snacks or meals temporarily. Sandwich bags, on the other hand, instead of having micro-pockets that absorb odors like a smell-proof bag, feature minute pores that enable the odor to escape gradually.

How are ONGROK’s Smell Proof Bags different?

Firstly, our smell proof bags and cases feature activated bamboo carbon technology. This means that individuals can keep odors contained within their pouches or bags with ease. In addition, our smell proof storage bags come with color-coded pockets to keep your items organized. You can separate dirty items and keep the clean ones odor-free. To ensure that no odors seep through your storage bags, we have added airtight seam seal zippers for extra protection. Enjoy complete peace of mind knowing that our smell proof bags are also durable and waterproof. Thanks to our products' outer shells, you can securely store your valuables while exploring the city or the trails.

Would a Scent Proof Bag Be a Good Addition to my Car?

Yes! Smell proof bags are excellent for travel and for usage in the automobile. A smell proof bag is ideal since cars are such small spaces that they may rapidly and readily accumulate undesirable odors.

What Is the Usage Service Lifespan of a Smell Proof Bag?

The ability of a smell proof bag to be recharged with activated carbon liner is one of its best features. Simply throw the carbon-coated bag in the dryer or use a hairdryer for about ten minutes in order to open the pores and remove the stench within.

The duration of time between charges is entirely dependent on how the product is kept within it. Place an aluminum container, an airtight glass vessel, a mylar bag, or a Ziploc baggie inside your smell proof bag to maintain the cleanliness of the interior for optimal fragrance suppression. This will extend the amount of time before the smell proof bag has to be recharged. Placing the contents inside is also fine, but it is not suggested because it will just increase the number of times you must recharge it.

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