Why Tinctures Can Be Great Herbal Remedies

Why Tinctures Can Be Great Herbal Remedies

Posted on May 09 2022

Easy and fast-acting, tinctures may be beneficial herbal remedies for those looking for natural relief. Using a tincture gives individuals a simple way to get the extract alcohol and water-soluble constituents from botanicals needed to make well-rounded herbal remedies.


The History of Herbal Tinctures

Tinctures as herbal remedies have been around for as long as there has been a history of distilled alcohol. The Canon of Medicine, published in 1025, shows the use of herbal tinctures; additionally, herbal tinctures have been used with distilled alcohol as the basis for teaching medicine in the West since the 12th century.[i] 

As some of the oldest and most authentic herbal remedies, tinctures stand to offer a host of potential benefits. They are simple, effective, natural, and convenient. Learn more below!


Tinctures are Convenient

Whether you make your own tincture or purchase it pre-made, one of the benefits of a tincture as an herbal remedy is its convenience. Tinctures come in small bottles with droppers, making them easy to take with you wherever you go or store at home.


Tinctures Can be Fast-Acting

When placed underneath the tongue, tinctures may deliver quick results and fast effects. This could be useful as an herbal remedy particularly if you are looking for relatively immediate relief.


Tinctures May Release Slowly

Despite what we just mentioned about tinctures’ fast-acting results, they can also release their effects slowly when taken orally with water, tea, or other liquids. Similarly, putting a tincture in an infused edible product like cannabutter could have similar effects. This is because tinctures that are consumed in this way go through the digestive tract and the liver, which means they won’t go right to your bloodstream. They will be metabolized differently, which may yield a slower release than if dropped under the tongue.


Tinctures Can be Strong

One of the reasons people like tinctures as herbal remedies is because they are heavily concentrated; this means you’ll probably see the benefits after only a few drops. Tinctures tend to be significantly stronger than herbal teas that target the same conditions. While they may be strong, one of the great things about making your own tinctures is that you can modify the amount of alcohol in them according to your needs.

Reap the benefits of your own creations when you make your own tinctures at home! Find all the supplies you need, as well as recipes for incorporating tinctures into foods and drinks. Interested in learning more? Check out additional information about tinctures and herbal remedy products when you visit our resources today.


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