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Tips For Keeping Herbs Fresh

Posted on December 02 2021

It can be very challenging to keep your dry herbs, spices, and tea leaves fresh for weeks. Although there are many common packaging methods around, what is the best way to extend the lifespan of your herbs for continued enjoyment? Many factors can influence the freshness of your herbs, such as the light, humidity, air, and heat exposure. Continue reading to learn some tips for keeping your herbs fresh and potent.

Airtight Jars and Containers

Airtight jars are one of the most effective and best ways to store herbs. Before storing your herbs, you need to make sure that the jar is clean, dry, and free from moisture. This will provide a sealed environment and prevent microbial growth such as mold from occurring. With less exposure to air, your herbs will be able to stay fresh for a longer period of time. Make sure to select jars and containers with rubber seals or o-rings for better airlock protection. Exposure to oxygen will cause your herbs to degrade much faster.

Another creative and cheap alternative is to store your herbs in empty medicine bottles, as they are designed to protect their contents from contamination and moisture. It’ll also be convenient to carry around. However, it is important to keep in mind that these bottles will not lock in smells from your herbs compared to small airtight containers such as the ONGROK Storage Pucks.

Reduce Light Exposure

It is better to use a dark or tinted container rather than a transparent one. If you use a transparent container, you can store it in a drawer or cabinet to reduce light exposure. High levels of light exposure can dry out your herbs and cause them to lose aroma, making them less fresh and potent. If possible, try to find a metal jar or container that won’t allow light to get through, or one that provides UV protection.

Store in a Cool, Dry Place

High temperatures can affect the aroma, flavor, and color of your herbs. If the temperature is too warm, your herbs may suffer from heat stress, curling up and developing yellow and brown spots.

Extremely cold temperatures will also cause your herbs to become brittle. It is important to not freeze your herbs as it is not a vegetable or fruit. In fact, freezing herbs can cause them to spoil faster rather than preserve their freshness. Since we open the fridge multiple times a day, it will increase the risks of contamination from the external microbial environment.

Although the best temperature depends on your strain of herb, a general rule of thumb is to store herbs above 40-degree and below 70-degree Fahrenheit to increase the lifespan of your herbs. You can use a small digital hygrometer to track temperature and humidity in order to ensure the best environment for your herbs.

Use Humidity Control Packs or Humidifying Stones

Humidity control packs and Humidifying stones are designed to help keep humidity-sensitive products, e.g., dry herbs, tobacco, wood instruments, coffee, popcorn, brown sugar, etc., preserved for extended periods of time. Simply place an ONGROK humidity pack or humidifying stone in your storage container and enjoy peace of mind knowing that humidity fluctuations can't degrade the things you love most.

Best Herb Storage Products and Accessories At ONGROK

ONGROK Glass Storage Jars: 

They feature UV-resistant glass, high-quality borosilicate glass, airtight and child-resistant lids, and are odor-free/smell-proof.

ONGROK Metal Storage Jars & Containers: 

They are made from virtually indestructible aluminum metal, are airtight, smell-proof and will protect your herb from light exposure.

ONGROK Soft Wallets:

They are stylish, soft, Velcro-free, waterproof, perfect for travel, smell-proof, and feature activated bamboo carbon technology.

ONGROK Backpacks and Duffel Bags: 

They are carbon-lined, smell-proof, keep your belongings well-guarded in a discreet manner, as well as feature waterproof outer shells and airtight seam seal zippers.

It is important to not store your herbs in plastic bags and infuse herb products for dispensaries it will expose your herbs to heat, humidity, light, and air fluctuations. Pack your herbs tightly in smaller jars to reduce airspace between buds. To keep your herbs at optimal humidity levels and maintain freshness, you can buy humidity packs or clay humidifying stones and place them in the jars.

Want to keep your herbs fresh for longer periods of time? For smell-proof, airtight storage jars and more herb storage products such as digital hygrometers and humidity packs, check out our shop at today. Performance is 100% guaranteed.


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