Recipe: Special Potato Leek Soup

Recipe: Special Potato Leek Soup

Posted on May 24 2022

What are Leeks?

Leeks are related to onions and are originally from the Near East and the Mediterranean. Visually they resemble green onions or scallions but are considerably larger. They have a moderate flavor and are easy to prepare which makes them popular for dishes such as casseroles, Crostini, soups and meat based entrees. The highest quality leeks are usually sold during autumn and can be enjoyed through spring.

As with onions, leeks consist of vegetables that are bulbous and have white colored flesh with a leafy green head. However, the difference is that their bulbs are not very round unless they are aged. Many Americans are not familiar with them but they are popular in countries such as South Korea, Belgium, Turkey and Indonesia. While they can be purchased in the U.S. they tend to be slightly more expensive.

This herb infused potato leek soup recipe is creamy and delicious. It takes ten minutes to prepare, forty five minutes to cook and can serve up to four people. It is an easy soup to make for beginners and includes flavorful ingredients such as hot sauce and bacon.


  • One tablespoon of cooking oil
  • Three large leeks which have their green and white portions soaked and chopped
  • Pepper and salt
  • Four cups of chicken stock which are low sodium
  • Four slices of bacon which are diced, thickly cut and cooked
  • One teaspoon of dry herb infused oil
  • One teaspoon of hot sauce


  • Heat up the cooking oil inside a big pot which is set to moderate low heat
  • Put in the leeks and then sauté for about ten minutes until they become soft
  • Add your potatoes inside the pot then stir them
  • Add your chicken stock next then tightly cover
  • For thirty to thirty five minutes cook on moderate low heat until your potatoes become tender
  • Add mixture to the infuser until it is ½ full and select “blend” mode
  • Add batches at a time and blend until the soup is smooth
  • Transfer the mixture back into the pot
  • Stir in the pepper, salt, hot sauce and dry herb infused oil
  • Put in the bacon then serve promptly

Additional Cooking Tips for Leeks

Leeks may be braised, roasted, fried or boiled. Most of the culinary techniques which are used with onions may also be applied to them. They can be caramelized or sautéed using olive oil and butter. Irrespective of how they’re cooked, it’s essential to not overcook leeks otherwise they’ll become mushy or slimy.

Your goal is to continue cooking them until they become tender. If done correctly, they can be pierced using a fork with just a slight bit of force. When used in recipes, you’ll generally want to put in your leeks last, but raw specimens can also be placed in a salad. When preparing leeks you’ll want to start by cutting away their roots and the darkest portion of their green head. You will then have a white-colored stalk with lighter greens leaves; these parts are edible.  They should be cut lengthwise in quarters and then rinsed to get rid of the debris and dirt. Once you’ve dried them, then you’ll want to slice, dice or chop as desired.


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