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Earl Grey Infused Protein Pancakes

Posted on September 03 2021

Looking to spice up your breakfast? Start your morning off right with a batch of delicious earl grey infused high protein pancakes!   This recipe can easily accommodate a plant-based diet by swapping out a whey pancake mix for a vegan version and using dairy free or plant-based mylk. 

 These pancakes are fluffy, satisfying and easy to make, all you need is your favourite protein pancake mix and earl grey infused milk – that’s it!  With the help of our Small ( ¾ -2.5 cups) & Full-Size (1-5 cups) Botanical Infusers, you can make as little or as much infused milk as you like.  Make a single batch for one pancake recipe or make enough to last the week- you can keep your infusions fresh by storing them in our Airtight Stainless-Steel Container or BPA-Free Silicone Storage Bags!   

For 1 batch of Infused Milk you will need:

Making and Infused Milk for your morning pancakes only requires 1 hour in our Botanical Infuser and the process is super easy! 

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Step 1- Add the Milk, Earl Grey Tea and Sunflower Lecithin to your Botanical Infuser Machine.  Our Sunflower Lecithin comes with a 15g scoop that makes it easy to incorporate into your recipes – use 1 scoop for every cup of oil, butter, or in this case, milk!

Step 2- Put the lid on your Infuser and set the temperature to 160°F, then select the 1 hour (oil) time setting and let the machine run its course.

Step 3- Once the infusion is done put on your heat resistant silicone gloves and pour the milk through an ONGROK filter bag and into a bowl. These accessories come with your purchase of a Small or Large ONGROK Botanical Infuser Kit!

Now the milk is ready to be used in your pancake mix!  Add the milk to the mix and make the pancakes as usual -  the earl grey flavour tastes great with some added blueberries or other fruit as a topping!  The possibilities are endless with our Botanical Infuser Kits and Bundles, our 2-button operation system and full accessories kit make it easy for beginners to make creative homemade infusions.  Our Infusion Machines are also Self-Cleaning, just add some soap and water, press the ‘clean’ button and while you’re enjoying your breakfast your machine takes care of the mess!

 Blueberry Vegan Protein Pancakes infused with earl grey







We hope you enjoyed this recipe & would love to hear of your own homemade creations in the comments!


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